Aviation Sheds & Hangars

Steel Framing for Strength & Security!

At Steelspan Buildings, we have considerable experience in working with clients in the Aviation industry, and we enjoy working with clients to achieve a custom-designed hangar built to their specifications. Nothing is better than having peace of mind knowing that money invested in valuable aircraft is protected by an extremely strong and durable Steelspan hangar building.

  • Aeroplane Hangars

Large Clearspan hangar portal design for easy aircraft manoeuvring, large slider door/tilt-a-door, sectional door, roller door, or bifold aircraft hangar doors, designs can include mezzanine floors for storage or offices, high spec buildings with painted floors, lighting, ventilation etc.

  • Helicopter Hangar/Storage

Purpose built hangars to suit aircraft size, bird perch elimination, large span doors, natural lighting from Fibreglass rooflight panels. Ramped threshold for ease of manoeuvring aircraft can be incorporated in the design.

  • Glider/Microlight Storage

Smaller purpose built hangar with special shaped walls or partitions can be used for multiple aircraft storage, double ended steel framed hangars with options on large doors are available too.

  • Crop Dusting Plane Shelters

Economical small hangars/shelters for small aircraft, kitset buildings for easy erecting by anyone where you want it.

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