Commercial Steel Buildings & Sheds

Custom designs for your specific application

At Steelspan Buildings, we use multiple Steel-Framed Building systems, each one suited ideally for the purpose of the structure and its intended use.

For Commercial buildings, there is a very broad range of unique requirements from retail to manufacturing, and from food processing to truck service buildings. Each has a point of difference required to facilitate design, storage, housing or function of the building. This is something we at Steelspan have experience with. We put that knowledge to good use to make it easier for you to operate your business, interest or hobbies to the maximum efficiency in a Steelspan Commercial Building.

  • Steel Warehouse Buildings

Large span, high stud, clear span with bay sizes to fit your requirements. Non-clear span to save costs with columns situated to fit to your racking/storage layout. Large load out Canopies supported or Cantilevered. Concrete tilt panel incorporated design if required.

  • Steel Framed Workshops

Reflective galvanised framing for a light, airy working environments. Large bay spacings for large roller doors, layouts to suit use, facilities/offices incorporated in the design. Rotary or ridge ventilators to remove dusty/smoky air. Smaller design workshops in multiple units.

  • Manufacturing Facilities

Specific design for housing large machinery plant and production layout, high knee design for boat builders, doors options.

  • Steel Truck Service Sheds

Multiple large truck sized roller doors, strengthened frame to include gantry capacity, service pit design in concrete floor.

  • Steel Framed Retail Buildings

Retail warehouses, retail complexes with multiple units. Steel frame & roofing incorporated with braced frames for shopfront joinery and facades and inter-tenancy walls.

  • Food processing facilities

Design incorporated with Cool store panelling and other temperature controlling materials, Roof only and skirt with Cool Panel walls, elimination of Bird Perches in the frame design using box purlins and rafters, internal linings.

  • Wineries

Steel frame design & roof included to create upmarket Winery designs, large storage sheds for wine and processing.

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