Steelspan Buildings
Steel Framed Kitset Buildings.


Steel Framed Kitset buildings supplied anywhere in New Zealand or the Pacific. We design and supply our kitset buildings directly to you. Over 25 years of experience in the steel-framed building industry. We are family-owned, not a franchise. We strive very hard to make every dollar you spend buy as much value as possible in your building supply.

Why choose a steel framed building?

  • Complete flexibility when designing for larger and unique shed bay sizes.
  • Greater clear-spanning achievable when using steel. We can supply up to 30m clearspan for wider working areas.
  • Ships to site economically: The product is generally lighter than timber for the equivalent spans and will stack compactly on transport for delivery.
  • Will not twist or split over time, guaranteeing a long lifetime for your Steel Framed Shed.
  • Galvanised steel reflects available light within your building better than timber.
  • Steel framing is 100% recyclable.
  • Steel frames are cut to length so there is very little wastage.

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